Hello, lovely being

We are Dirk & Olga

We design and develop brands and bring them online.

Our focus is on people, organisations and companies who try to make this world a better place.

We love open source and use different technologies, depending on budget, need and skill of you, our client.

Your struggle is real

Let’s face it: You need a website. Everyone does. But how to get one? Do you want to have a quick and cheap solution by your best friend’s cousin? Or an impressive and fancy one, from one of these expensive agencies? Sometimes, both options are not desirable.

The struggle is real. You want something that really suits you, but does not cost a fortune. You want a proper website, done by human beings, for human beings.

Congratulation: You found your perfect fit.

We do not consider ourself an agency. We are a software-developer/consultant and a cross-media communication design expert teamed up to create beautiful websites and help founders bootstrap their companies.

We make sure, everything we do adds value to you or your visitor.


consulting & workshops

We do consultation, based on your current state. We identify your next steps, guide you along the way and assist in making the right decisions. Workshops can be helpful to start a new business and get everything together to start right away.



brand & identity creation

We create your complete visual identity. This includes name, logo, typefaces and colors as well as a vision-statement for your alignment. We also create a mood-board for your imagery and search for suitable photos.


webdesign & development

We create a website for you to reflect your brand, convey your message and setup everything you need. From mailing tools to build up your audience to finding the right tools to assist you in your workflow and online processes.


stationery and print goods

Bringing all your materials into the real world, business-cards, stationery, flyers, roll-up displays and custom made notebooks as a gift for your clients are just examples of what we can design and print for you.

Our Services explained

Dirk worked for 20 years as a startup-consultant, where he developed web applications, consulted founders and trained teams of software developers in all kind of methods and technologies.

Olga worked as renowned communication-design expert in the capital of advertising: Hamburg, Germany.

Together we consult and empower people to create their online-presence. Starting with your brand, including a well-balanced visual identity: logo-development, colors, typography and imagery.

With this in place, we create an online presence, according to your needs; ranging from simple landing-pages, medium- and large-scale websites up to full-blown individual application development.

We also do search-engine optimisation, online-marketing, stationery and print design for all of your business needs.

Having said all this: We love to work with people and companies who make this world a better place. If you are one of those, please get in touch and find out, how we can help you.

If you want to know more about our Services, read the Services Page.

Our Skills

You need to know nothing. We guide you through everything, as we go along.
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About the Technology we use

The most important aspect first: You do not have to know about the next things. If you don’t care, that is fine.

If you want to know more about the technology we are good with, check our page on Skills.

Important message

Whatever it is, we use for your project, we ensure that you are able to work with this on your own.

It is our intention to enable you to publish yourself and be independent. It should not be mandatory to need our help.

If you wish to have our support, we have your back, though.

Can we talk about money?

Yes, of course. You probably have questions.

What does a website cost?

We get this question asked, all the time. Of course, this is a valid and important question.

Anyhow, it is similar to ask What does a car cost? And the answer to could be a wide range, depending on your specific requirements. Maybe you want to have a fast sports-car or something to carry a piano with. The same could be true for your website. But if you want a nice car, to drive from a to b and feel nice and comfortable along the way, there is still a wide array to choose from.

Ideal would be to setup a free call with us. So we can talk what fits you best.

The table below is a list of packages we created to give you some ballpark-figures. They include a discounted hourly-rate, where we calculate based on project cost, instead of hours. And we usually only stop, when you are ready and happy (and we are, too).

Please get in touch and let’s discuss. It’s free!

Are there any additional / recurring fees?

Most of the time there are no additional costs. Sometimes, we need to buy a certain plugin, a piece of software or purchase a license for a font. But we will talk about that, if that’s the case. It will be your decision.

Monthly cost depend on your hosting environment. In general you can expect that to be less than 80 EUR / year.

There is an optional yearly package we offer at a discounted price, to maintain your website, install all security related updates and be available for you to update content, according to your needs. That means, we reserve some hours per month to help you with your website, for less than the regular hourly rate.



for starters

Sometimes it needs to be done, quick. This is for you. No fuzz, no bullshit. Just pure focus on what needs to be online. Now.

Usually ready within 3 days.

Includes a landing page, colors and typography.

890.- USD



set a foundation

This is a basic, yet custom website. We do have a WordPress CMS ready for you. It is setup and configured according to your needs. If you do not have a brand identity, we will create something for you, that serves as a basis.

Includes a WordPress website & basic brand identity.

2.900.- USD



We already know what you want/need. This is a full-blown WordPress website with a booking system or contact-form included.

Includes full brand identity, with unique claim, colors, logo, typography, visual moods and of course a fully designed website.

4.600.- USD


build big

Are we still talking WordPress? If you need something bigger, with more horsepower and a complex workflow, this one is for you.

Includes a paid membership website, including custom branded mailing system.

>= 6.000.- USD


taking care of operations

We know how this works. As we progress, we need to change things a bit. We need to update a certain part or add a new service, a product, this little something it needs. The picture needs to be swapped, there is additional content…

Also: Your server and the installed software needs attention: security updates, backups, checking logs for hackers… Think of this like taking care of a pet. We can do that for you.

6 months of support, services, administration and maintenance.

890.- USD


All prices exclude taxes. Prices are discounted packages, additional conditions apply.
You can always work with us on an hourly rate.

Showcase & Portfolio

Please find below a selection of projects we created. If you want to see more, please head over to the portfolio section.


Website & Brand


The website of Rasesh, who works as a meditation teacher is very simple and small. Because there is not much content, it is very narrow, so the reader can easily follow along.

The visitor can switch between German and English at the very top, the content will then replace with the language accordingly, without a reload of the page.

The full branding, including colours, typography and logo was created within 2 days.


Freie Seelen

Natifa Alice Höbel

Final note

Thank you very much for reading this far. We hope, we could convey what we do, why we do it and most importantly how we do it.

We would be very happy to support you on your ideas, projects and business. Please say hello, or even better: schedule a free call with us so we can discuss our potential. There is no cost involved – just a pure encounter of human beings, trying to see where there is a connection.