About Us

Understand our “why”

About building a better internet

We are sick with most of the internet as it is. So we want to create something beautiful and pleasant.

We were fortunate enough to meet some wonderful people. They asked us for help building their website. But their mission is a blessing for this world and we wanted to have this not corrupted. We wanted to ensure, that they keep their integrity, even online.

So we started an adventure on how to build websites not for marketing, but for people and their intention.

We think with complexity, yet communicate with simplicity. We look for the play in the work. The meaning, the value, the difference for others.

We are Dirk & Olga. We are xumana.

Who are we, anyway?

Two human beings, who love to work and play. Who like to create nice, beautiful and wonderful things, also digital and online.

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Creative Director

Started as communication design student, became a meditation devotee and strives to support everyone, who is a good deed.



Technical Director

Started as a software developer in 1996. Worked with founders, entrepreneurs & startups. Became a business and startup consultant. Always looking to improve the status quo.

We are co-founders of the BERNSTEINKRAFT association; a group of people who support others in finding their creative power.

We strive to support human beings in doing what they can do best. We inherently believe every human being is good and empowering them is a powerful multiplication to foster well-being.
Enabling other peoples successes will make this world a better place and brings healing to this wonderful planet.

Find out more about this association at BERNSTEINKRAFT.com.

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now — and instead of calling it work, realise it is play.”

– Alan Watts


our Work Play

When we develop websites, we rather play than work. As Alan Watts states (see video above), this leads to a joyful life. You can see this, in our results.