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Help yourself and exchange with others, while you grow together.

We are all learning, as we go.

Everyone of us have started with little to no knowledge. There is always a first-step, but if you made that little step, every following one is easier.

To help you while you grow, expand and build-up knowledge, we created a community of like-minded people. They support each other and share their findings, questions and answers.

You are invited to join this community, the only thing we ask in return is participation. Please read other peoples questions and share your knowledge, as we all grow together.

Then, if you have a question, someone else will jump in and share their expertise. That is, how a community builds up.

Thank you and you are more than welcome with us.

Slack? What the heck?

Find Information about what Slack is, how to get onto it and how to use it.

May we introduce? Slack

Are you unsure what to expect? No worries, just try it out and see, if it is for you. There is a very low learning curve on Slack. But the information we exchange there, will level you up, significantly.

What is Slack, anyway?

Slack is a public company, based in U.S. They created a platform that serves as a proper chat experience, while it is also very powerful and can be extended and integrated into a lot of other tools.

There is a free plan (which only stores history for up to 90 days), but typically you pay for this service. That means, you do not pay with the data and are therefore not the product, as it would be on WhatsApp, Telegram and other messaging platforms.

How can I use Slack?


They have a good documentation to start with. But you will get the hang out of it, pretty easily.

To get you on board, just follow these easy steps:






Please read about the typical questions you might have. And our answers.


What is Slack

Slack is a professional chat and collaboration platform, which is widely popular among tech-companies for its stability, extendability and mostly for its ease-of-use.

Do I need to install anything?

No. You can use Slack solely in the browser of your choice. BUT: There are very good clients available for mobile and desktop use. They are more powerful to use and can behave similar to your favourite messenger service, but with much more capabilities.

Why did you not use WhatsApp, Telegram ...?

First of all: We are not encouraging any messenger platform, because on every platform the users data is the currency of that company.

Second, we want to integrate and use the community into more powerful structures, that messengers of any kind are currently not capable of.

Fun Fact, though: the much-more powerful Slack looks pretty much like a messenger on a smartphone, anyway.

Do I need to provide an email-address?

Yes, as this is the only way to identify as a user against Slack. But feel secure about it, because Slack has an industry standard level of encryption and security included.

What does it cost?

Your attention. We do not ask for money, but we ask for your active participation as exchange for the support of everyone else.

Final note

Thank you very much for reading this far. We hope, we could convey what we do, why we do it and most importantly how we do it.

We would be very happy to support you on your ideas, projects and business. Please say hello, or schedule a free call, so we can discuss our potential. There is no cost involved – just a pure encounter of human beings, trying to see where there is a connection.